Speaking of Back to the Beginning…

For me, over the last about two years, my style has really solidified. It’s been in short bursts and has been greatly aided by doing ATCs. I think signing up, having a deadline, picking topics that are both easy and not so easy have pressed my style far ahead of where it has been stuck. There are a couple of big factors that have also contributed to my current art state, but more on those later.

I think I can track the changes to this little Halloween piece I did. I have been sketching with Sharpies for many years; they are easy to carry, waterproof, they look good color-wise and  they show a nice range on many papers. This Halloween piece was the first time I did an illustration in Sharpie instead of acrylic inks. I like acrylic inks and I still use them, but they are messy and not portable. Still, I had a lot to learn in terms of Sharpie use and line weight, which is easier with acrylic ink.

Do jack 'o' lanterns dream?, 8" x 10", watercolor, ink

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