New Things!

Serval.WC16Owl.WC16Lemur.WC16 Octopus.WC16Tiger.WC16 For the last year things have been a whirl. Moving is hard! Getting married seemed easy by comparison. Of course, I wanted to get married but does anyone ever really want to move. It’s a thing you do out of need!

But the upshot has been getting an awesome garage studio. That had also been a lot of work but I’ll show you that later. Before I got the studio almost) ready, I was down to a handful of artist tools. Mostly just paints, pens and watercolor. So I’ve spent my art time doing ATCs, doodles and drawings and trying out a new watercolor style idea. It’s a mix of I dunno, geometry and pointillism? The Serval, Owl, Lemur and Octopus were experiments. The Tiger ends up being the result of the learning from the others. It is going to the Wildcat Black Tie Fundraising auction.

I definitely have learned some watercolor techniques that will enter into my painting from now on. And well any practice with watercolor is helpful. Cheers!

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