Assemblage Part 2

Here’s the CMYK companion piece to RGB. It’s smaller at about 16″ x 16″. I did it to hang in a show that was themed 3 Color. Well no, I did it because it was in my head, but it was nice to be able to hang it in a show. Personally, I consider black and white to be colors, but the parameters of the show said they weren’t so I got to bend the rules a bit. One thing about ‘rules’ are that you have to find which you want to play by and which you don’t. For instance, to me assemblage should be made from found objects. Yet, I ‘found’ the ping-pong balls in a store. It’s the only new object in the work, but I bent the rule I have in my head to make the piece better. It’s interesting to me to watch artists develop styles or ideas and then step away or push them further to make the art more interesting.

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